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A nice perk for former athletes planning to attend California Western are the intramural sports we offer.  In my 1L year I started playing in the basketball league with some friends from my section and our team is still together going into our second season.  Basketball was and still is a great way for us to release some of the tension and stress that comes with being a law school student.  I am amazed at how many students here were former collegiate and high school athletes, and as a result we have a very talented league that pose some stiff challenges for our team.  Last year, we struggled at first because none of us had played together before, but as the season wore on we gelled.  By our second semester of 1L, we went undefeated in the regular season.  We would have only one game a week, but we all looked forward to it in the days leading up to the game because we played hard and as a team, and that equaled wins.

In addition to basketball, the CWSL Director of Sports is also planning to host a home run derby competition.  This is very intriguing to a former baseball player in high school and college.  However, like I mentioned, there are a lot of good athletes here so I will have to get some practice in before I win the derby.  I know a lot of incoming 1L will probably want to shy away from extracurricular activities because of the burden of school, but do yourself a favor and take one hour a week to play a competitive sport, whatever that may be.  You won’t be thinking about your outlines or reading for the next day, you’ll just be living in the moment.  Thank me later.




3 Responses to “We’re Playing Basketball…”

  1. Dustin

    Hi Michael,

    That’s great that you blog about your law school experience. It’s also awesome you are playing sports during law school and that your school puts on an IM program. It’s a great break from studying and a lot of fun. We had football and basketball leagues at my law school (we also went undefeated a few times :).

    I recommend playing sports and getting lots of exercise during the bar exam too. Whatever your routine was during law school should be similar during the bar exam, as I recommend in my bar exam blog!

    Good luck on finishing up 2L!

  2. Estey Bomberger

    Michael! So glad you’re enjoying your time at Cal Western. It’s definitely important to try and incorporate sports and extracurriculars while in school. It can be hard to accomodate for time-wise but its nice to relieve some stress during these difficult times. Its also a great way to foster your professional network with your classmates as well. Best of luck with your studies

  3. league of legends

    I definitely agree, even though I am not a law student! Basketball, especially when player in a league, is a fun competition that removes the stresses of work.

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