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Fines and printing fees are ‘occupational hazards’ for students.  Below is information we hope will help you control and perhaps avoid them!

End of Trimester Email Notices

At the end of each trimester the library administrative office sends out an email notice to all students requesting payment of any fines that are due.  Below is information on how to check your balance and determine if you are in the red.

Library Fines: 

Login to your account on the KIM system.  (Did you know you had an account on the KIM system?  It is useful for not only checking fines, but determining when your checked out materials are due.  You can even create automatic searches in the catalog–  more on that feature in a later post.)

Enter your last name and bar code number from your student ID and click SUBMIT.  If you have Library fines, the amount will be listed on the right column.  For a detailed accounting of fines, click on the fine link.

Lab Printing Fees:

To  determine your printing balance, log into a CWSL Student Lab workstation and  place your mouse on the dollar symbol in the bottom right of the computer screen (next to the time). A window will pop up with a dollar amount on  it.  If you have a negative balance, you owe money.  For more information on determining your printing balance see the student lab website, or contact a lab staff member.

How to Pay Up:

If you do have fines, you may pay them in the administrative offices on the second floor of the Library.

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