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Home for the Holidays?  Flying somewhere and need some diversions?  Check out the Library’s DVD and leisure reading collections – all free! The DVDs are located on the first floor of the library in the northwest corner.  Stop by and browse the collection, or search for your favorite movie titles via the KIM system.   DVD’s can be checked-out until […]

What:   SofTest setup clinics:  help getting SofTest set up on your computer.  If you are anywhere in the process of setting up SofTest, and you have questions or concerns, you are welcome to come. Note: It is very important that you make sure SofTest is set up and running properly prior to exam day.  If you have […]

Postings to this blog are now ‘followable’ on Twitter – don’t miss a post.!/CWSLLibraryNews

With finals approaching, don’t forget that CALI lessons are a free way to help you prepare for exams. CALI  lessons are interactive, computer-based tutorials published by the  non-profit Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI, CALI publishes over 800 CALI lessons in 33 different legal subject areas listed at If  you are not already […]

Fines and printing fees are ‘occupational hazards’ for students.  Below is information we hope will help you control and perhaps avoid them! End of Trimester Email Notices At the end of each trimester the library administrative office sends out an email notice to all students requesting payment of any fines that are due.  Below is information on […]

Finding a published case on a particular point of law does not have to be time consuming, frustrating, or costly!   Printed case law digests are an invaluable resource that when properly used, can save a researcher time and money. We all learned in legal skills that reporters contain published cases in chronological order.  But the chronological ordering […]

The list of the most recent additions to the CWSL Library has just been posted.  Search or browse by title or subject to find books in your area of interest! The ‘word cloud’ graphic above gives  a snapshot of this month’s contents. See a reference librarian (x1419) with any questions or for research assistance.

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