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The list of new library aquisitions is posted each month on the CWSL library website. In alphabetical order by subject, one can browse or search by keyword for materials of interest. Keep in mind that this is a list of new PRINT FORMAT materials in the library – each entry is also linked to its […]

Whenever a student is researching materials for a scholarly writing, I always recommend looking at the Encyclopedia of Associations.  Usually the student will find groups that are focused on his/her research subject.  We are a country comprised of a multitude of associations, groups, and organizations…at least three volumes worth! These associations research; they propose/oppose legislation; they counsel; […]

Have you ever been sitting at home reading a library book and suddenly wondered when that book was due back at the library?  Really?  Well, no need to wait until morning to call the library.  You can find out for yourself! Go to the library catalog at and click on Login in the upper […]

Need to find out more information about the Ukrainian (or any other) government and its major legal publications?  We’ve got a resource for that.  The familiar Reynolds & Flores volumes are now available online from the link named “Foreign Law Guide.”  From this site, you can pull down the name of a country and elicit […]

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