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Marina Sarmiento Feehan, Esq., Vice-Chair of NALP’s E-Professionalism and Social Networking work group, and the Assistant Director for Employer Relations at the University of San Francisco School of Law, Office of Career Planning, describes LinkedIn ( as the socialmedia site of choice for professionals in general and lawyers in particular.    Here is an excerpt from her article: […]

Still haven’t configured your Facebook page for privacy settings?  You should.  To make it easier, there is an app for the iPhone that will help you set them.  No iPhone, no problem, there are other options.  Check out this article to get it done.

This article discusses how smart phones and new media has impacted how lawyers litigate. 

Have you blogged about your employer lately or tweeted anything about work?  Think you have privacy rights to social media sites such as Facebook even if you are using the site at your workplace?  As more and more employees are using social media in the workplace many employee and employer rights have become subjects of […]

Think if you delete something on your Facebook page it is permanently gone and forgotten?  Anything posted on the internet stays on there forever.  Listen to this interesting discussion on the internet and privacy issues with Andrea Johnson, professor of law and director of the Telecommunications and Intellectual Property Law Center at the California […]

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Read this article to get updated privacy settings information.  Worried your employer may be able to see your Facebook page?  Click here to make sure your page doesn’t show up on public web searches.

Here are more tips to improve the way you use LinkedIn.  Instead of just setting up your profile, read this article to learn additional ways to maximize the benefits of social netorking.

How can you, as a legal professional, benefit from social media?  Read this article:  “Even Lawyers Can Be Social.”  

This article gives good tips on how to promote yourself on LinkedIn.  A brief excerpt has been reprinted below: “The larger your LinkedIn network is, both in volume and in real relationships, the better your chances are at finding a job,” says Mr. Schawbel. “Most jobs come from second- and third-degree contacts anyway, so […]

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