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Archive for ‘Social Networking’ provides some smart advice on how to keep your Facebook page from being a source of annoyance, embarrassment, and trouble.  By following their advice, you can clear up a few mistakes you might not even realize you’re making.  To read the article entitled “The Stupid Things You Do On Facebook (And How To Fix Them)”, click here.

Did you quickly fill out your LinkedIn Profile to get it up and running, without ever going back to provide details about your past employment, work skills, and contact information?  As stated in a recent article from, the “reality about LinkedIn is this: it’s an amazing job search tool that brings you new leads, impresses your network, […]

Do you have a Pinterest board?  It is all the rage these days, but it has also been receiving some criticism due to copyright concerns.  Attached is an article from the that reviews the recent changes made by Pinterest in response to the criticism and also answers the question:  Is Pinterest a social media tool or just trouble?  Here’s an excerpt […]

Has an employer asked you for your Facebook login details?  Here’s an excerpt from a recent article from the Social Media section of TNW regarding such requests: “With news of employers, colleges and government agencies requesting the Facebook login details of prospective employees and students, Facebook has issued a statement on the matter, highlighting that it believes the practice […]

The article below was written by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez for  Everyone probably remembers the first time they heard about Twitter and about how young people were throwing around their one-liners about sitting on the porch, walking to the mailbox, walking back to the porch, sitting down… well, you get the picture. But since that time, Twitter […]

In the recent article entitled “Only 140 Characters to Help Your Job Search”, Cheryl Palmer offers advice on what to say in 140 characters that will help you get closer to your professional goals.  To read her article and get your Twitter strategy started, click here.

The Law Practice Management & Marketing Section of the San Diego County Bar Association is presenting: ADVANCED COURSE IN AVOIDING PITFALLS IN SOCIAL MEDIA Today’s user of social media has all sorts of pitfalls to avoid.  Hacking of accounts, posting of explicit photos, and general social media gaffes are not restricted to politicians and celebrities.  […]

NALP has prepared a series of E-Guides about E-Professionalism including the attached guide entitled FACEBOOK FOR LAW STUDENTS:  MAKING FRIENDS (BUT PROTECTING YOUR PROFESSIONAL REPUTATION).  The guide addresses how law students should be using Facebook and how to reduce the risks of doing so.  Their recommendation is that Facebook be used only for personal use – and that another […]

As reported by The National Law Journal and Law Technology News, the most recent BTI Consulting report shows that 70 percent of corporate counsel use LinkedIn as a tool, and half rely on it. Executives from every Fortune 500 company are using LinkedIn.  If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, it’s time to get cracking.  With […]

The New Lawyer Division of the San Diego County Bar Association is presenting a program called USING INTERNET AND SOCIAL MEDIA TO KEEP CURRENT CLIENTS AND EXPAND YOUR PRACTICE.   This program will provide you with practical marketing ideas to help maintain your current clientele.  You will also learn about legal issues associated with attorney online […]

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