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This is an interesting New York Times article about the ethical issues involved in legal discourse on social networking sites.  A brief excerpt has been reproduced below: “[W]ith thousands of blogs and so many lawyers online, legal ethics experts say that collisions between the freewheeling ways of the Internet and the tight boundaries of legal discourse are […]

Law Graduates – are you worried about your job search?  Find out more about your unique job search concerns by reading the complete article.  A brief excerpt has been reproduced below: “Earning a graduate degree is a big accomplishment — one many students hope will clear a path to a great job. But grad […]

Don’t forget to attend this mandatory session to register to be matched with a CWSL alumni mentor. Date:  September 22, 2009 Time:  12:15-1:05 Location:  Room 2F

Protect your online reputation by taking just 10 minutes to set your privacy settings on your Facebook page.  This article is a must read for anyone that uses Facebook.

The video game practice is here to stay and continues to expand as an industry in both litigation and transactional work.  Read the complete article about the growing industry.

Attend this CLE for an interesting discussion about heirs and their reversionary interests under the Copyright Act. During the Great Depression, Superman’s creators sold their copyright for $130.  Recently, their heirs were able to recapture the Superman copyright—and the millions that go with it—under the Copyright Act’s reversion provisions.  This program will cover the following topics: […]

The SDCBA will be hosting a CLE discussing whether same-sex married couples and domestic partners are treated as spouses in bankruptcy. Reasonable minds may differ about how these relationships are treated and how they should be treated. This program will discuss the recent changes in the law, and where trends may go. Click here to […]

 “In the current of law school and legal practice it can be easy to become wound up in your world.  For law students it is classes, tests, keeping up and trying not to fall behind.  And for working J.D., it is doing your job and balancing in life’s demands that keep the spotlight focused on you.” Read the complete article […]

Need to improve your professional network?  An excerpt of the article is reproduced below. “If you needed to find a new job, how many people could you turn to for help? If the answer is “not many,” you may need to upgrade your professional network.” Learn how by reading the complete article.

The San Diego County Bar Association is hosting a welcome mixer for law students.  It is an excellent opportunity for students to network with attorneys and judges of the San Diego legal community, explore the benefits of the SDCBA, and gain insight into various practice areas and specialty bar associations.  Go to the SDCBA website […]

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