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Waiting Was the Worst

November 14th, 2011 by

The worst part was the waiting. I’d done all that I could do. Fine tuned my resume, poured my heart and soul into my personal statement, collected my letters, and transcripts, paid my application fees, and hit that ever fateful “submit” button. Ten schools total, then…wait. I woke up everyday went to work from 7:30-6:00, and ran to that mailbox from February on forward. The letters start to come, some say “congratulations” others, “thank you for your submission, however…” Once the sting from the rejections wore off, the real challenge began, looking at the pile of acceptances and deciding, where to take my life from there.

I made charts, listed pros and cons, researched everything from programs and bar passage to climate and local festivals. I consulted my family, friends, mentors, and ┬ámy hairdresser. When I asked her what she thought, she said that I should go somewhere where I could feel at home again…and that helped make the difference. I chose Cal Western because when I came for a visit, unlike other law schools, everyone made me feel like this is where I belonged. The greeters at the door, current students, dean’s and faculty all approached me as though I was one of them.

One thing that I value in my life is having a sense of community. I chose Cal Western because they promised to nurture that value. I ┬áresearched law school, and read the horror stories about the competitive nature, and rigorous work load. I felt like I could handle all that (everyone does, that’s why we come to law school). What Cal Western promised me was an opportunity to become part of a community of lawyers and academics that were committed to student success. I trusted that promise, and committed to Cal Western. I can honestly say, that from day one, they lived up to what the said.

One Response to “Waiting Was the Worst”

  1. Ashley Turner

    Congratulations on your first post! I am so excited for you!

    I agree with your post; Cal Western DOES have a sense of community.

    Well, thanks for the study break… back to completing my Legal Skills memo. =)

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